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Circular Fashion with Milk Folk

Q. First things first, tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m Selena, I’m a mother, lover, designer and artist. I grew up in Palm Beach, Florida but my family is from Greece. Since I was a little girl I’ve been a lover of vintage. Always asking my dad for his old Tee shirts. I like to feel connected to the life the clothing lived before me and add to it. I consider myself someone who cares deeply about others around me and I’m constantly aligning myself with my highest vibration. I sort of let my spirit lead me where I need to go. I try not to take this life on Earth too seriously. My gf once told me that if I was cut open I’d bleed art and that’s stuck with me for a while now. 

Q. How did the idea for your brand Milk come to life? 

Milk is definitely my dream and is continuing to evolve as I do. Originally I started Milk by selling vintage I collected over the years to support my family as a single mother and it's turned into a brand and design label that shares my art, fills my cups and allows me to live my life. Milk gets its name from my Papou (grandfather) who came from Greece in the 50s and was a milkman in the city of Chicago. Milk is currently in production for my first line completely designed by me, taking bits of inspiration from vintage I’ve loved, mixed with my Mediterranean roots, earthy fibres and bold design. Set to be released in spring 23’. 

Q.  What does circular fashion mean to you? 

To me circular fashion means we’re all in this together. It’s an exchange on many levels. Taking one old thing and giving it new life for the time it serves you until it’s time to part with it as it feels right. It’s giving a piece of you to someone new to live their life in it or around it. Circular fashion to me is essential to doing our job here in helping take care of Mother Earth. 

Q. We love how organic your content feels. Where do you draw inspiration from?  

I draw inspiration from so many things. It could be an abandoned chair in the corner of a cafe, or the old man crossing the street with a lavender cashmere cardigan over his shoulders and a cowboy hat. But mostly I draw inspiration from my Greek roots and loved ones. I find so many things to be art. It’s like an intimacy I share with myself and everything around me all at once. Though as I continue to work on myself and heal from within a lot of my creativity comes from my life’s obstacles and triumphs just as well.


Q. You recently visited your home country Greece for the first time! What was the experience like? 

Greece was truly incredible. Not like any experience I’ve had before and probably my favorite to date. I ate a lot of really good food, I mean really good. Watched my love celebrate her 30th birthday, met strangers who knew my Papou from once upon a time, and gained so much inspiration from the colors and textures of Greece. The people are divine. I met one artist named Dimitri Kolioussis who had been working out of his studio in a traditional cave home for the last 40 years in Santorini that I sort of stumbled into without knowing and we had what felt like a Karmic connection and ended up exchanging information to pen pal. I got a new tattoo of the Greek key on my temple, just an ode to my heritage and love for good structure hehe. 

Q. Tell us the must eat, sleep and do in Santorini!

We stayed on the islands this trip. First Mykonos then Santorini. Mykonos is an island full of nightlife. I didn’t really sleep the four days I was there but it was well worth it. We stayed at Mykonos Earth Suites and it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend. There’s these historic windmills that are a must to visit and lots of food and shopping. They have such rich history in Mykonos and you can feel it in each shop you walk in. Santorini is definitely more of a romantic place to visit. The air smells sweet and the architecture makes my mouth water. We stayed in a village in Santorini where there’s no cars, just people walking or riding donkeys and scooters. You can walk to the city of Fira which is only a ten min walk and watch what’s said to be the most brilliant sunset in the world in Oaia. The entire trip was so full and I’m so grateful to have visited for the first time.