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Italian vacations, art and food with Elena Téa

We recently caught up with our South Coast muse, artist and all-round dreamboat, Elena Téa, to chat all things Italian vacations, art, food and Euro dreaming.

Q. First things first, tell us a little about yourself!

Ciao! I’m an artist, ceramicist, content creator - but mostly a dreamer - and I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my two beloved cats. 

Q. How did the idea for Studio Sogni come about?

Studio Sogni was born during lockdown, when travel wasn’t permitted and I was desperate to find a way to bring my daydreams of an Italian summer into reality in my small apartment. I designed a print, put it in my living room, posted it online, and people wanted to buy it. Ever since then I have been sharing my dreams with the world through prints & ceramics. 

Q. Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re creating a new piece? 

I am obsessed with the everyday beauty of life in Italy. Moments as simple as an aperitivo in the sun or enjoying a ripe peach after lunch deserve our attention. This uncomplicated beauty inspires everything I do. 

Q. What does a day in your life usually look like?

My perfect daily routine is journaling with a cup of tea, going for a walk, working (drawing, making, writing, doing), seeing my sister for a matcha break, and then having dinner out with my partner (usually Chinatown!).

Q. You’re currently holidaying in Italy! Where has been your dream destination so far?

Yes it’s incredible! I just got to Sicily (my first time here) and it is straight out of a painting. I’m staying in a little town called Ortigia, and my days here will be just sun, sea & food. 

Q. Top 3 restaurants to visit in Italy?

Borgo Antico in Grottamare Vecchia (go for lunch, its quiet, and ask the man to cook whatever he wants for you!), Osteria del Bugiardo in Verona (local wine, perfect salumi platters for aperitivo), and Nettuno in Rapallo (the best pizza and pesto pasta!) 

Q. Where is your favourite European beach? 

Last year I visited Camogli for the first time and fell in love with it's gorgeous candy coloured buildings and small rock beach. Just around the coast is San Fruttuoso, which you can only get to by boat. It is maybe one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen.

Q. What pieces have you packed for a month in Italy?

This year I’m keeping things simple: a couple of dresses, lots of button up shirts and some oversized white linen pants.

Q. What are you reading / listening to on your travels?

Currently reading and loving City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, and listening to Sunshine Baby by The Japanese House.