A moment in Mexico

Q: What does a day in the life in Mexico look like?  

Mexico has so much to offer depending on where you go. Some of my favourite days were spent on Isla Mujeres cruising around the colourful streets in our golf cart, wearing nothing but a bikini and hopping from beach to beach. 

Q: Top 3 places to eat in Mexico?

Hartwood - Tulum

El Parnita - Mexico City

MUSA - Zihuatanejo 

Q: Where has been your favourite place to stay? 

Hotel Terrestre in Puerto Escondido was stunning and like no place I’ve ever seen before. An architectural dream in the middle of the desert! 

Q: What does your holiday wardrobe look like?

Usually just swimwear with some kind of skirt or mini dress!  I tried to embrace colour which does not come naturally to me being a neutral lover.

Q: Where is your favourite beach to spend the day?

Isla Mujeres beaches are the most idyllic I've ever seen! White sand and the bluest water.