Exploring Bali with Remy Bernhardt

Please, tell us a little about yourself!

Helloooo, my name is Remy and I am a fashion stylist and photographer. I am 25 years old and live in Byron Bay. I am a big fan of exploring new places, working by the sea, eating dim sum and working with the lovely ladies at The Bali Tailor!

You’ve been travelling in Bali for the past couple of months. Tell us, what’s it like to live on the island?

 I was living in Bali pre-pandemic and I left the island in a rush so it has been so nice to come back to the island. I’ve been travelling for two months now, it has been surreal being back on the island. It almost feels as though the last two years of lockdown didn’t happen and I have been here in Bali the entire time. Bali is bustling again which is great to see, everyone is so happy to see fresh faces and visitors on the island.

Your favourite place to stay on the island?

I almost always stay at Mu Bungalows in Bingin. The Bukit is my favourite place to base myself in Bali.

 Where can we find the best meal? 

 ‘Sarong’ and ‘Mama San’ Seminyak are my absolute favs. Or the bbq fish and dim sum at ‘Lucky Fish’ on Bingin beach is always great. 

What has been your Bali uniform?  

The Hazel Shirt has been my wardrobe staple since being in Bali. I have only recently started wearing colour and the cobalt blue colour is absolutely perfect to pair with my kinis at the beach or with a pair of linen trousers for dins. And I’m actually wearing the Luca Slides as I’m writing this. They are goddam comfy and so versatile. 

How do you keep the balance between work and rest on the island? 

Working in Bali honestly doesn’t feel like work. I’m really lucky that I get to collaborate with such amazing brands that allow me to shoot and style at the beach or at incredible location houses. My “day at the office” usually starts with an early morning swim, shoot and then I’ll always finish with a massage if it’s been a crazy shoot day, so achieving a balance is pretty easy haha. I have also made the effort to unwind by going over to Nusa Lembongan just for a few days, when I’m over there I try to not go on my phone or check my emails so I can completely recharge.