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Your personal guide to Sicily with Ash Grats

Please, tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a full-time content creator living on the Gold Coast, QLD. 

You’ve been creating (beautiful) content for a while now! How did you get into the industry? 

I've always worked in Fashion but the transition into content creation happened quite organically for me. I started off by helping out a friend shoot some content for Instagram on my lunch breaks. Despite the images being unrecognisable, this grew my following & I had quite a few brands reach out as a result. It grew from there and I ended up supplying content to a few brands on a regular basis, but it remained my side hustle until about 10 months ago when I decided to solely focus on content creation as my primary income. My partner James will tell you that he actually launched my career by being the best Instagram boyfriend (he's a photographer) but I would say it's a combination of both. 

You’ve just been holidaying in Paris, what was your favourite part about the city? 

I will preface this by saying that I love cities in general and feel most energetic & inspired when I'm in on, but Paris is unlike any other. You can have the best time just roaming the streets because everywhere you look there is beautiful architecture, history & interesting people. That's my favourite part – there's no need for activities, Paris is an experience in itself.

What are the pieces currently making up your Euro wardrobe?

Oversized shirts, silky wrap skirts & pareos, slip dresses & a few statement pieces. I've been living in loafers in the cities, and sandals by the ocean. 

 Where do we find the best meal in Sicily? 

I know I should mention a seafood dish, but my favourite meal was by far the traditional pasta dish we ate at a small restaurant behind a cathedral in Palermo. From memory, it had tomatoes, anchovies, capers, breadcrumbs and raisins. Simple but so flavourful, we mopped up the whole plate & I've been thinking of it ever since. 

Tell us, which are the must visit beaches in Italy? 

The beaches within the Lo Zingaro National Park in Scopello are a must see! In Cefalù, we preferred swimming off the rocks on a calm day rather than setting up at the beach with the crowds. It seemed as though the locals/other tourists felt differently, so most days we had the most beautiful aqua rock pools to ourselves.