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Silk '24, as seen on Layla Van Den Bergh

We recently caught up with creative, model and The Bali Tailor muse, Layla Vanden Bergh. Get to know Layla.

Please, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi my name is Layla, I’m an Australian/Māori model missing two teeth! I’ve been modelling 3-4 years, now leaning into styling and creative direction learning deeper about the fashion world. 

You’re currently based on Bundjalung country - did you grow up here? What are the 3 things you love most about the area?

Yes I am based Bundjalung country but I’m actually from Darkinjung, Central Coast. I moved up in January 2023 to pursue modelling in a different market and to be closer to my boyfriend <3. I absolutely love the mixture of city hustle, beach coastal lifestyle, farms and reserves. It’s so unique! Oooo I’d have to say: 

1. The Bathhouse At Ground Currumbin 

2. Food options (Danbo Ramen especially)

3. Waterfalls/hikes

What does your ideal capsule wardrobe look like?

Ooo tough one to answer because my style is ever changing as I grow older and experiment but I feel like these pieces will always be in my ‘capsule wardrobe’: 

  • tailored black pants 
  • grungy pair of sneakers (black and colourful) 
  • boxy tee (in all colours possible)
  • biker boots 
  • double denim (always will be cool)
  • drapery off the shoulder top 
  • big leather bag 

You recently shot with our Stella Fringe Bag in Yellow. How do you style colour into your everyday wardrobe?

Love this bag! When I first saw The Stella Fringe Bag I thought it would’ve been a difficult piece to style but it was actually such a pleasant challenge. I love to let the bag talk for itself, so keeping the outfit calm and cool is key for me. 

Option 1. Baggy jeans, box tee, with a chunky button up sweater, cool eyewear and flats 

Option 2. A sheer dress, pair of The Bali Tailor sandals, layered jewellery and sunglasses 

What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

The perfect Sunday is to indulge in any of the below accompanied by my boyfriend <3

  • Bathhouse
  • Try a new homemade recipe 
  • Massage 
  • Waterfalls 
  • Op shop